We've Got You Covered - with Bespoke Printed Table Covers

Tables. They’re so great, right? I use them literally every single day. They give space for so much; groceries, a place to eat dinner, room for projects and pets on occasion. Uses abound, and I come up with new ones all the time. The only drawback to all of this table innovation is the effect it has ON my table. Even cleaning it after every use, the table shows a few inevitable signs of wear that can make it less than appealing when I need to use it for higher-end occasions. Imagine sitting down meeting your new date’s parents only to have them spy a stray bit of varnish from a woodworking project on the table next to their mashed potato! THE HORROR.

Luckily, Celina has the perfect way to make sure this unthinkable situation never happens. Whether you’re outfitting your living room coffee table for a holiday party or looking to step up branding at a trade show or fête, you can always use a table cover to smooth any minor table imperfections. Add Celina’s bespoke printing abilities and you have a table cover for the unique you!

Yes, yes … Advertising Again

I know it may seem like a topic we cover a fair amount. Advertising is one of the easiest aspects of a business to augment with bespoke printing, considering the variety of items we have available. Building your brand can be difficult because of the wide variety of attention grabbing sources available these days (be honest – who’s reading this on a mobile right now?). A constant, high-visibility logo, slogan, or brand image is the simplest way to identify your purpose, point of sale, or location where more information on your product can be found.

That’s not to say that you can only use printed cloths to cover tables! With a branded fabric that is lightweight and durable, you can drape it across displays to conceal them before an installation, hang it from walls like banners, and even use it as a mini-canopy top for an impromptu shade area!

Around the Home

This isn’t to mean that table covers are only available if you’re selling at a stall or booth. Even without some meaningful image to present (we’re looking at you, family coats of arms), bespoke printing can involve literally any print you want. Really love that photo of your cat? Put it on your table cover! Need a specific color to match your dining room décor? We’ll match it. Holidays, yearly occasions like family reunions, club meetings – you can put any kind of image or pattern onto cloth, just for you.

Printed table covers are machine washable to allow for the easiest care. The polyester fabric is printed using dye sublimation – your scheme is printed onto paper which is then pressed with the fabric against a heated drum. The benefit of this process is that the ink penetrates the individual fibers and becomes part of the cloth. You can’t rub off the print, since it exists by literally dying the cloth.

So the next time you’re preparing a party or meal for someone special, remember that while your trusty table may not have the best looks anymore, you can still create a well put together table top. Want more info on the product or process? Call us at 44-115-794-0041 or send us an email at UK@CelinaTent.com.