Items by the Truckload - Ordering in Bulk

When outfitting a rental business, you need to make sure that you have enough products in stock for occasions both large and small – that goes without saying (even though I just said it). Smaller events that incorporate maybe 20-30 people are not a big deal in most cases, but it’s when you start booking weddings and reunions with a couple hundred attendees that you have to begin asking yourself whether you have a large enough stock.

Celina is a premiere distributor of event and party equipment, from tents and equipment to the tables and chairs where your guests will be for most of the festivities. While you can certainly order smaller sets of chairs as needed, there is something to be said about getting any entire shipping container full of product and being on your way. Yes, it’s an investment, but one that gives you flexibility during a busy rental season.

When calling to order a full container of product, it should be noted that there are different sizes of shipping containers, which in turn hold disparate amounts of the same style items. We deal with three standard container sizes – 20’ GP, 40’ GP, and 40’ HQ. The first number indicates the length of the container in feet. The letters behind the length – GP and HQ – refer to the container type; GP means General Purpose, while HQ means High Cube and is generally one foot taller than standard GP models. Product amounts below will be listed in the order of 20’ GP / 40’ GP / 40’HQ or specified if certain containers are unavailable for shipping that specific product.

Resin Tables

A popular choice due to their resistance to water and UV-degradation, Resin Tables are both lightweight and easy to set up.

Tables are available in containers of 360/960/900 pieces for the 6’ length and 250/620/620 for 8’.*

Wood Tables

Most people who prefer Wooden Tables do so because of the look and feel of the wood. Fitting in with more rustic and natural settings, the classic Wooden Tables

A shipping container of 6’ Wooden Tables holds 691 (40’ HQ only), while the same container would hold 654 (40’ HQ only) 8’ tables.*

*Remember that tables should be shipped and stored in groups of two, with both table tops against each other to provide maximum protection to the tops.

Folding Bellbrook Chairs

Celina’s Bellbrook Folding Chairs are our industry-standard chair, created to give you an economical investment option. Created from powder coated steel tubing and polypropylene seat and back portions, these chairs

Normally sold in boxes of 10, a complete shipping container comprises 2,360/4,800/5,350 chairs total.

Folding Oxford Chairs

More visually appealing than Bellbrook Chairs are the Oxford Folding Chairs – created with a resin frame for reduced weight and easy cleaning. The chair pads are removable to allow for pad replacement or repair without risking damage to the chair frame.

All Oxford Chairs come in boxes of 4 – contact us for information on bulk ordering.

Finding enough space for your guests has never been simpler; with economical pricing and a variety of colors and styles available in tables and chairs, Celina can help you outfit your rental space or replace a partial or whole existing inventory. As with all of our products, the entire spread of items listed on is available for international shipping, should you not find what you’re looking for through our UK Distribution Center. Call us today (+44-115-794-0041) with any and all questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!