2.1m x 9.1m (7' x 30') White Royalty Sidewall

2.1m x 9.1m (7' x 30') White Royalty Sidewall

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7' x 30' White Royalty Sidewall Manufactured using 16 oz blockout vinyl. Grommets are equally spaced 30'' apart along the bottom of the wall. 1'' plastic clips sewn across the top of the wall to hook to the sidewall rope inside tent top. Plastic side release buckles on each edge to allow sides to connect to adjacent walls (preventing wind flap). Overlaps connecting walls by 15'' on each side, actual size of wall is 32.5'. Meets flammability standards of NFPA-701.

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The Royalty Sidewall from Celina is made from 16 oz. block-out vinyl, which doesn't allow light to pass through. Being our premium-grade sidewall, each curtain can be made to match the colors of existing tents - ordered in tandem to unify your tent's look in white or colored vinyl, or custom printed with your logo, brand, or graphic for the ultimate personalized experience.

Each sidewall is designed for maximum efficiency. Royalty Sidewalls are compatible with most other manufacturers' tents, making them useful when ordered separate from a complete tent system. The tabs used during construction to attach the spring clips are color coded depending on the sidewall's length, and each wall is equipped with side release buckles along the vertical edges. These buckles are used to connect to other sidewalls when installed, creating an improved barrier against wind and rain.

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