Celina's Special Order Service

What makes Celina Tent UK so great? Our "special order" service! In addition to the tent styles listed and stocked in our warehouse, Celina can also take any of the larger versions or different tent styles and ship them to you directly from our main facility. Just contact one of our account managers and ask about whatever items you desire. These can be found in our catalogues or on our US website, CelinaTent.com.

Wait, Where are They?

All larger tents and specialty printed items are created at our main manufacturing facility in Celina, Ohio. This allows us to keep a close eye on the manufacturing of specialty prints and larger, more complicated tent designs. Being in lesser demand, larger tents and specialty brands (including Master Frame Tents, and 12.2 m wide versions of our Classic Frame and Pole Tents) are not generally stocked in our UK warehouse. The case-by-case changes demanded by custom printing can't be stocked at all. All printed materials are created as they are ordered.

Once created, a process which normally takes less than 30 days for large tents (shorter on most printing), the items will be shipped to our UK facility for processing and delivery.

But What about Shipping Costs!

Transportation costs can be daunting – and now the items you want have to travel across the ocean? What gives? To tell the truth, it's not as complicated or expensive as you may think. First, the only item that will be traveling the distance in most cases is the tent top or printed fabric. All frame and pole hardware is sourced and sold directly from our UK facility, meaning that this fabric is the only item imported (and is therefore the only item subject to extra transit fees).

Ordering from our main US facility allows us to offer more items than we can gainfully keep on hand in the UK, giving you full access to our entire product catalogue of quality tent and event items. Click here to check out our entire catalogue of items – all available for ordering! Simply contact us via phone – 44-1157940041 - or send an email with your request to UK@celinatent.com. Our staff is on standby to help you with any special order large or small – contact us today!