Celina's Athens Utility Shelter: The Speedy Canopy

Quick – what comes to mind when you think of pop up shelters? I’ll give you a minute to think.

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The most common image that arrives in the mind’s eye here at Celina is our line of Fast Shade Pop Up Canopies, great for customized marketing efforts thanks to their ease of use. Now imagine that we have another shelter, one that sets up even faster. A shelter whose top you don’t need to remove before packing and stowing it. You can stop imagining, because it’s already here!

Athens Utility Shelters are a relatively small, fiberglass-frame supported structure that is primarily used for covering small construction areas. It provides easy, fast coverage for entrances to sewers, small excavation sites, and more.

Simple Use

Complete shelters are made from nylon fabric with an internal fiberglass rod system. The frame system is used by grasping a corner of the side (or top) that you are securing and pulling out at the center of the side. The center of each portion of the tent that extends has a metal ring with a fabric tab; this tab is the grasping point during installation. Corner supports and tension from elastic central cords cause sides to snap into place in seconds. Due to this lightweight and flexible framework, the shelter itself needs to be properly anchored in two ways in order to be fully functional.

The first anchoring occurs before the sides are extended. At the base of each side is a flap that has grommets located at the shelter corners. These are pinned to the ground through the grommets; it stabilizes the base of the frame and gives you an idea of what the shelter footprint will look like. For the second anchoring, you will need to locate the included ropes in addition to the anchoring pins. At the center of each wall is a metal ring (the one used when extending the walls); attach the ropes to the rings and then to the anchoring pin to stabilize the shelter against wind.

High Visibility

Each Athens’ outer shell is crafted from bright white and yellow nylon. This makes them great for construction projects, as the bright colors let you know that anyone in the area needs to be cautious about any tools, dirt, or holes that are around the site. That isn’t to say that you can’t see out of the shelter at all. Along the top of the two walls adjacent to the door are small ventilation windows that can be used to let air in and also let you look out of the shelter to check for oncoming traffic or pedestrians.

Whether you’re outfitting a work crew or just want a little extra protection while doing a home project, the Athens Utility Shelter is a fast and convenient alternative to traditional canopies. Order online today and get your projects going! Have any other questions? Contact us via email at UK@CelinaTent.com or by calling +44 115 794 0041.